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Virtual Process

Virtual Process

> The “Must Have Tool” for Effective Business Processes

We can all agree that accurate and timely information can play a critical role in the success of almost every organization.  Business runs on information.  This we know.

If you knew of a tool that would easily facilitate the generation and real time distribution of critical business information, would that interest you?

Discover “Virtual Process” - one of the most innovative and important tools an organization can deploy in business today.  This cloud-based software accelerates the generation and distribution of processes and process change that run our organizations.  Process documentation ensures product and service quality and when a change is made for improvement, safety or efficiency, real time distribution to all points in the business or its supply chain is a great cost savings and strategic advantage.

Awarded Microsoft’s BizSpark One in 2012 as a promising software start up, Virtual Process has fulfilled its promise as innovators and has delivered an important tool that all businesses can deploy to improve the quality of their products and services.

Case Studies
Microsoft BizSpark Profile

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Features & Benefits

  • Executive Dashboard for Monitoring & Control
  • Performance Analysis and Trending
  • Real Time Distribution and Control Over the Change Process
  • Intuitive GUI Interface that Simplifies Generation of Processes & Procedures
  • Improve Product & Service Quality
  • Instantly Communicate Safety and Efficiency Changes
  • Reduce Costs, Mistakes
  • Accelerate Training & Worker Performance
  • Thrives in Manufacturing Applications and Supply Chains
  • Effective for Training Scenarios, HR Procedures, Inspection Procedures and Other Process-Drive Environments
    • Assembly Procedures
    • Healthcare, EMR, EHR, Compliance
    • IT Project Implementation
    • Quality Workmanship
    • Product Life Cycle
    • SDLC
    • etc.