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PMCI Privacy Policy

> PMCI regards the privacy of its client and partner relationships as a primary responsibility throughout the business association we may have.  Confidentiality is an important concern and is necessitated by today's highly competitive environment. Our clients and partners have the right to know where PMCI stands in this respect.

PMCI's business relationships are held in the strictest of confidence. While unwanted disclosure of sensitive information may not have an immediate impact, it demonstrates a lack of attention to primary responsibilities. Not only would a breach of confidence be a disservice to our clients and partners, it would also damage the reputation PMCI has built and works hard to maintain in the business community.

Our web site is constructed with the goal of informing our clients and partners. We do not have advertisements on our web site. We collect contact information through simple feedback forms the visitor sees and uses freely. No "cookies" or other intrusive devices are used to monitor our visitors. Any information collected online is used strictly between PMCI and the provider of the information to help us serve their needs. We do not sell or share any information collected to outside parties.

If a client or partner requires that a mutual non-disclosure agreement be signed to conduct discussions to evaluate business opportunities or share information leading towards a business engagement, PMCI will be glad to provide and execute such an agreements with the client or partner.

We value your business, as well, our relationship with you !


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TDWR System Tower


Radar Product Generated by TDWR Real-Time Computers

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