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Commercial, Retail, Telecom Experience

> Commercial, Retail and Telecommunication programs are listed below.  Typically, decision makers for large capital equipment purchases are higher up in the corporate management "food chain."  PMCI has developed the skills to address a diverse customer audience targeting the various levels of management including C-Level decision makers.

Customer Program
Bay Networks Strategic Alliance, Channel Marketing - Networking Equipment
Banco Popular Data Networks and Telecom Services
Borders Books & Music Electronic Article Surveillance Systems
Cisco Data Networks, Reseller Agreement
Home Depot Electronic Article Surveillance Systems
Kmart Electronic Article Surveillance Systems
Kwikset Electronic Article Surveillance Systems
Larscom Strategic Alliance - Broadband Networking Equipment
Polaroid Electronic Article Surveillance Systems
Raymarine High-Bright, NEMA-Class Waterproofed Shipboard PC System
Spherion Data Networks and Telecom Services
Telco Systems Strategic Alliance - Broadband Networking Equipment
Teleco System, Inc. Advising Director, Strategic Alliances, RF Engineering Services, Wireless Networking
ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems Marine Automation - Computer-controlled robotics
U.S. Plastic Lumber Data Networks and Telecom Services
Volvo Aero Data Networks and Telecom Services
Wal*Mart Electronic Article Surveillance Systems

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         Cisco Systems


Home Depot


     Teleco Systems, Inc.


Volvo Aero