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Aerospace and Defense Programs

> Below you'll find a list of the major programs supported.  Responsibilities ranged from conducting Customer Acceptance Testing to Sales and Sales Proposal Support to full Program Management responsibility.  This is where PMCI's skills in developing, coordinating, motivating cross-functional teams between operations, hardware development, software engineering and executive management were developed.

Customer Program
Binghamton Simulator CH-47 Simulator Re-host
Boeing Design and Flight Simulation of 777 aircraft
General Dynamics - Lockheed F-16 Flight Simulation
IBM Federal Systems E-2C MCU
McDonnell Douglas C-17 Loadmaster and Flight Simulation
NASA Kennedy CORE Program - Shuttle Launch Control 
NASA Johnson SEWP - Firewall
Northrop Grumman E-2C MCU; NGNN - Marine Automation
Raytheon Missile Systems Patriot Defense System
Raytheon ATMS Terminal Doppler Weather Radar System
Singer Link 14E35, S3B
U.S. Military Air Force, Army - Logistics and Planning



C-17 Squadron

Shuttle Check Out