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Awards and Recognition

Bay Networks Network Integrator of the Year

> At the annual Bay Networks PartnerSphere Executive Conference, September 9, 1997 in Dallas, Texas, Racal Data Group, represented by David Tolliver, was recognized as Bay Networks Top Network Integrator of the Year following a successful business process reengineering effort.

Integrator of the Year

Pictured above from left to right are:

Pat Riley - Miami HEAT President and Head Coach
David Tolliver -
President, PMCI
David House
- CEO, Bay Networks
David Shrigley - President, Bay Networks



  • Sold first NCSC B-1 Level Real-Time Night Hawk Secure Firewall systems at NASA, Johnson Space Center, June 1994
  • $2M Network CPE Sale, Largest in the Southeast Region, WorldCom, January 2002
  • Captured International Superyacht Technology Innovation Award for client, Seas2004 in Nice, France,      May 2004
  • Invited speaker at the SNAME Conference, Washington, D.C. September 2004
  • Published Article in the SNAME Journal of Ship Production, August 2005
  • Invited Speaker NSRP/Navy Ship Tech Technology Conference, Panama City Beach, Florida, January 2006
  • Completed nine-month engineering concept study for defense contractor winning RFP, May 2007
  • Identified millions of dollars in cost savings for multiple clients.

B1-Level, Secure Night Hawk Real Time RISC Multiprocessor

B1-Level, Secure Night Hawk
Real Time RISC Multi-Processor