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Professional Management and Consulting, Inc.
"Building a Foundation For Success"   

About PMCI

> Professional Management and Consulting, Inc. is an established professional services company founded for the purpose of helping businesses, municipalities and non-profit organizations achieve their goals requiring the selection, implementation and use of the latest technologies and the establishment or refinement of solid business management processes.  PMCI's services are customized, affordable solutions developed to deliver what your organization needs in ...

"Building a Foundation For Success!"

With several years of experience supporting major programs, delivering advance technology solutions to leading aerospace, defense, military, commercial and retail clients, PMCI is particularly well-suited to support your needs. 


Our Mission:

"... is to become a highly respected resource for our clients and stakeholders by providing affordable, customized, "world-class" consulting services, constantly exceeding client expectations while performing in an ethical and professional manner to provide valued solutions."


PMCI Commitment



Project Planning:  "Job 1"

We Believe...

"... that projects succeed, or not, depending upon an organization's effort to plan, execute, monitor and verify.  The Six Sigma DMAIC Model will make the difference!"

Foundation "Classics"

Have PMCI help your business architect a "Foundation for Success!"